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Therapeutic massages: benefits and differences with other massages

Therapeutic massages improve blood circulation, relieve muscle tension, eliminate toxins, and contribute to physical and emotional well-being.


When we talk about therapeutic massages we refer to the massages that treat discomforts or injuries that have already been diagnosed previously. This type of massage treats particularly an affected or injured area, caused by stress, traumatisms, bad posture, contractures, among others.


Within the therapeutic massages are different types, everything depends on the injury or discomfort to be treated.

Relieving massage

It is done on muscles that suffer a contracture.

The most frequent causes of muscle contracture are due to a determined effort, repetitive actions or bad postures. It is not typical of sports activities, it can also be presented in the activities of daily life and at work.

Circulatory massage

It helps to prevent circulatory injuries, since this type of massage promotes and activates blood risk.

Lymphatic massage

The massage on this system causes the emptying of tissues and absorption of excess fluid and tissue debris. If there is an injury, it favors the exit of toxic substances.

Sport massage

This massage prepares the muscles for exercise and relaxes it at the end of it.

Cyriax massage

It is a painful maneuver, which is applied for a few minutes and always in combination with other techniques. Its objective is to accelerate the healing process of muscle, tendon and ligament injuries.


The benefits of therapeutic massage are multiple, since they work the whole body.


By the friction of the massages an increase of the temperature takes place that causes greater elasticity in the skin.

Circulatory system

The massages improve circulation, help oxygenation and tissue feeding. There is better body relaxation and lower blood pressure.

Muscular system

It is the direct bridge for muscle recovery. With this type of massage the muscles are dilated by the release of histamine, which increases the temperature and the speed of contraction in the muscles. This reduces fatigue.

Osteoarticular system

This type of massage benefits the bone system. Increases the elasticity of the ligamentous apparatus. Tensions and muscle contractures relax, which produces better joint movement.

Digestive system

Massage improves nutrition and optimizes the digestion process, as it increases gastrointestinal motility.

Nervous system

It is proven that massage increases neuronal connections. They favor the emergence of sensitive impulses of the nervous system, giving a better motor response. Increases parasympathetic activity and improves cognitive abilities.

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