How to make honey massage

The unique properties of honey everyone knows, this product is used in cooking, cosmetics and medicine. Honey massage – this is a great way to bring the figure and health in order. We will talk about how to make honey massage and all the secrets it held.

How to conduct a massage at home

Honey is an excellent tool that improves blood circulation, softens the skin, helps get rid of toxins, so the honey massage – this is a great way to improve the condition of the figure and skin. Massage can be done at home, you just need to follow some rules and stick to technology.

Correct start making honey massage is necessary to light the body warm-up for this purpose, stroking and rubbing movements clean and dry skin. The purpose of this step – to enhance blood circulation and prepare the body to the active influence. Warm-up is required, this will help avoid injury and pain. The skin should be slightly blush, so training takes 2-3 minutes.

The next step – active massage using honey. Honey is better to choose a liquid so that it is well distributed throughout the body. First, honey uniformly applied to and massaged on the arm portion. First soft circular motions hands honey rubbed into the skin, slowly stroking should become more intense direct movement needed from the bottom up, not much to stretch the skin.

The main stage of the massage: palm pressed to the body and then slowly break away from it, from the base of the hand to the fingers. First, you must perform a slow rhythm, and then you need to gradually increase the speed, reaching up to very severe exposure.

The first session should be short-lived – 2-3 minutes, the maximum time a non-professional massage – 15 minutes. At the end of the massage the honey is removed from the skin, a clean body cream is applied.

  • Honey is a potent allergen, so be sure to carry out tests for allergy before the procedure. You should also consult with your doctor to learn about contraindications.

anti-cellulite massage

Honey treatments help fight fine with subcutaneous fat in the hips. Making honey anti-cellulite massage is easy and can even be carried out independently. Thigh massage from the bottom up is necessary, since the lung, to heat strokes. Then you should use the technique of pressing palms, from slow and soft to intense, almost as. Massage should be as long as the honey stops sticking to your hands. For details, see the video.

back massage

Honey massage is performed on classic technology, the hands move away from the spine to the sides of the back. Training is carried out pumping movements, then apply honey on the back and the main part of the procedure begins. Rubbing, skin priminaniya and shuffling – basic movements that allow the honey to rub into the skin. Then held stick movement. Closer to the spine can be affected by intense at the periphery should be more carefully. In the final stage, when the honey is already turning into a thick mass should only touch the skin with your fingertips or bones.

abdominal massage

Abdominal massage is indicated for certain diseases. The technique must be very gentle. First you have heated the skin, then apply honey and need to “drive” the honey in the skin gently vibrating brush movements and finger bones. Kneading in a circular motion clockwise – basic method of massage. The active phase includes small percussion techniques of classical massage and sticks motion palm and fingers.

Face and neck massage

Honey well caring for the face, making the skin soft, smooth and velvety. Facial massage begins with the application of honey on the skin, fingertips pressed and detach from the skin, the adhesion is an excellent exercise for the face. To begin with you need to massage the slow rhythm, gradually increasing it. It should get the skin around the eyes, because it is too fragile.

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